Former Tea Party candidate 'overwhelmed' by criticism

CALDWELL, Idaho (KBOI) -- Greg Collett of Caldwell is being profoundly portrayed all over the internet as a hypocrite...or worse.

"The reaction has been overwhelming from the standpoint that there's a lot of hatred out there," he said.

Reaction... to the news that Collett -- a twice failed Republican Tea Party candidate for the state legislature who openly denounces all federal programs -- actually has ten children on Medicaid.

Boise State Political Science Professor John Freemuth says the visceral response shouldn't surprise anyone.

"There used to be a saying about some people in the west," he said, "that the western attitude about the federal government is shut up, get out and keep the money coming in. This guy seems to have taken that to a new art."

And Freemuth says it just fans the flames that Collett is from Idaho where state lawmakers have proudly taken many a stand against the feds.

And Idaho is one of 15 states that as of last month rejected medicaid expansion under the Affordable Care Act.

Freemuth says while some state lawmakers' grievances against the federal government are understandable, such as the public lands issue, Collett's case is such a blatant contradiction.

"And let's face it," Freemuth said. "Right or wrong, some people are saying ten children? If you're going have that many, and adopt, isn't it your responsibility to take care of them yourself?"

Collett says he'll take the good with the bad and is even pondering a third run for the statehouse.