Former McCall police chief sues city, claims wrongful termination

McCALL, Idaho (KBOI) - The former police chief of the resort town of McCall is suing the police station and the city after he was terminated earlier this month.

Court documents indicate Jerry Summers is suing after he says he was wrongfully terminated.

The council, and city manager, claimed the firing was because the chief is an "at-will" position in the city and can be replaced "without cause."

Summers believes it was in retaliation for a few issues. He said he supported one of the new city manager's opponents and also filed a tort claim against the Valley County Sheriff's Office claiming misconduct. Court documents state Summers says he discovered that the city manager was driving with a suspended Massachusetts license, and some other issues.

Summers says he reported that he felt he was being retaliated against and believed he needed protection under Idaho's whistleblower law, but that no investigation or interviews were ever done.

He is suing to get his job back, or the amount of lost future pay, including lost benefits and he also wants compensatory pay for emotional distress and loss of reputation.

The lawsuit is also targeting members of the city council.