Forced budget cuts could hurt job seekers in Idaho

BOISE, Idaho (KBOI) - The Idaho Department of Labor could lose up to $4 million in grants which helps find jobs for people around the state.

The agency could also be forced to layoff 85 workers which officials say would be done through attrition.

The department would also have to cut back on job search workshops which help people with resume preparations. While the agencies would still function like normal, there would be less people to help job seekers.

"Knowing how bad it is and how many people are on unemployment I think it's going to hurt a lot," said Ben Pierce, an unemployed resident from Boise. "This place helps the's a good crutch to lean on. So, to have this and knock it away it's like playing Jenga - things could all come down."

Piece just moved to Boise and has been looking for a job for more than a month. Others we talked with feel this is the wrong time to be cutting funding for job placement programs especially since the recession is still fresh in everyone's mind.

Even if the federal cuts happen it won't come all at once. There is still a chance for the funding to be restored if Congress can come to an agreement.