Flash flood closes road east of Arrowrock

BOISE, Idaho (KBOI) -- A popular road for outdoor enthusiasts has been closed due to flash flooding.

The Boise National Forest says officials have closed Middle Fork Boise River Road above Arrowrock Reservoir -- specifically from the Slide Gulch (forest Road 213) junction upstream for about 15 miles.

Slide Gulch is about 10 miles east of Arrowrock Dam. Road crews estimate the road will be closed for "some time into the future."

Heavy localized rain created the flash flooding, which led to the river being blocked due to mud and rocks flowing into the river that then caused water to back up and cross the road. At one point nearly 1/2 mile of the road is covered by water, BNF said in a press release.

Arrowrock recreation facilities are open and not affected by the flood event.

You can still access the Middle Fork further upstream by going the Idaho City route. Access to Atlanta is not impacted.