Five indicted for money laundering, trafficking spice

BOISE, Idaho (AP) Federal authorities have arrested five Boise-area residents as part of an investigation into money laundering and trafficking synthetic marijuana products known as "spice."

The arrests came after a federal grand jury in Boise issued an indictment against all five defendants on Tuesday. The indictment alleges conspiracy to distribute a controlled substance analogue, conspiracy to smuggle goods into the country, selling drug paraphernalia and money laundering.

Federal officials say the scheme occurred between March 2011 and July 2012 in Idaho as well as Alaska, California, Washington and Wisconsin.

Those arrested include: 35-year-old Mark Ciccarello, of Meridian; 30-year-old Robert Eoff of Boise; 43-year-old Troy Palmer of Boise; 45-year-old William Mabry of Boise and 39-year-old Holly Ciccarello of Meridian.

Investigators say they imported chemicals from China to help make the synthetic marijuana.