Fisherman helps save boy who fell into icy pond

GARDEN CITY, Idaho (KBOI) - A man fishing at a Garden City pond helped save a 12-year-old boy who was walking on ice and fell in. Along with other bystanders they used an extension cord to help pull him to shore.

The man didn't want KBOI to identify him, but says he warned the boy the ice was thin seconds before he fell through.

"I yelled 'hey the ice is broken," the fisherman said.

Immediately after that the ice beneath his feet gave way and boy fell in.
Witnesses say he managed to catch himself on what was left of the ice around him so he didn't go all the way under.

Those at the pond quickly jumped into action.

Other people rushed to help, and the man ran to his car to get an extension cord he had just bought that day. He tossed it out about 20 feet, and they helped pull the boy to shore.

"Oh yeah he was scared I mean he was really scared he tried to call help, help, and the people talking to him saying relax relax."

By the time crews arrived he was already out of the water, and the boy got warm in an ambulance while he waited for his mom.

The man who helped save him told KBOI he didn't feel like a hero, and said anyone would have done the same thing.

Officials say ponds in the Treasure Valley are rarely safe enough to walk on during the winter so it's best to just stay off them all together.