Fire department rescues cow from swimming pool in Oregon

MCMINNVILLE, Ore. - A McMinnville homeowner literally had a cow ... in his pool.

The McMinnville fire department got a call Friday that a cow had fallen into an underground swimming pool filled with water.

When firefighters arrived at the home on Willis Rd., they found owner Jeff Dyck had tried to rescue the cow by draining the pool.

When that didn't work, he corralled the cow into the shallow end to keep it from drowning and hastily built a ramp out of wood to try to get it out.

Firefighters put straps around its neck and looped in ropes behind it while the owner lured it up the ramp with food.

Halfway up the ramp, the cow slipped, but the rescuers grabbed it and pulled it up to safety.

The cow was extremely stressed after being rescued from the 35 degree water, and shivered on the ground for about five minutes.

The entire rescue operation took about 15 minutes.

McMinnville fire chief Rich Leipfert said he wasn't sure how the cow fell in the pool. Dyck told firefighters there was a fence around the area that had been left open.