Filer Police show video of officer killing dog

FILER, Idaho (KBOI) - Many residents in the city of Filer are in an uproar over Officer Tarek Hassani shooting and killing a dog over the weekend.

Reports say that the 7-year-old labrador was a service dog for Rick Clubb, who suffers from Parkinson's Disease. Clubb says he was having a birthday party for his son.

Police video shows that a neighbor across the street from Clubb called police complaining about the dogs running in the street. Officer Hassani can be heard getting out of the car and two dogs can be seen barking at him at the side of his car.

Seconds later the officer fires and hits the dog and kills it. Officer Hassani then confronts the owner at the door.

"Is this your dog? Who owns it," Hassani said. "I just shot your dog because it tried to bite me. I come here for a ****ing call and it tried to bite me."

Hassani's boss says he did the right thing.

"When he kept trying to come up to the house to get the owner to get the dog, he ended up having to shoot the dog for his own safety. You never want to have to shoot a dog but sometimes it happens," Chief Tim Reeves of the Filer police department said.

A Facebook page has popped up calling for the officer to leave. It reached thousands of likes in one day. Residents are planning a march in the Old Bowling Alley parking lot Wednesday at 6 p.m.