FBI warning on computer scam; Payette woman falls victim

PAYETTE, Idaho- A grandmother from Payette is getting harassing phone calls after falling victim to a computer scheme.

The Internet seemed to be slow one day and a window popped up asking for Mary Stein's information so Microsoft could fix the problem.
She sent it and soon after the first call came in to her cell phone.

"Well I knew I wouldn't understand what he was going to say so I handed the phone to my daughter because she knows more of the technical terms," Stein said.

"She hands me the phone and it sounded like he was in a tunnel," explained Alicia Hammond.

The man asked Alicia to open a run box.

"Once they do they will download a virus on your computer and get you to give up your credit card number claiming they'll fix it for you," said Dale Dixon, who is president of the Better Business Bureau.

The scheme is one both the BBB and FBI are warning about. There's a problem with security on the Internet Explorer 8 browser.

Hammond says she knew something wasn't right and told the man not to call again, but he keeps calling back.

"I think he hopes he'll be able to talk with me and buffalo me into it," Stein said.

That's why the mother and daughter contacted the Truth Squad.

"I want to get it stopped before he gets somebody who really believes who he is," Stein said.

The phone calls all come from different numbers because they're scrambled. It's easy to scramble a number using online websites, and when you use them it's impossible for someone to track you down.

Dixon says the best thing to do if you're targeted is close your Internet browser right away if a window pops up from Microsoft. He says the company will never contact you directly.

Microsoft is working to fix the problem. The company has released a short term fix which you can find by going to and clicking on this story.