Fans on beer cup fiasco at CenturyLink: 'That's a total rip off'

BOISE, Idaho (KBOI) -- If you've downed an icy cold beer at CenturyLink Arena over the years, take notice -- especially if the brewsky was a large.

A YouTube video being circulated in Treasure Valley circles is gaining momentum and views after the user highlights small and large beer cups actually holding the same amount of liquid.

"Come on CenturyLink, that's a total ripoff," a woman on the video states.

As of, Tuesday, the video has more than 278,000 views and has even prompted a response from CenturyLink officials.

Trapp told KBOI 2News that CenturyLink officials didn't know about the discrepancy.

"(This was) certainly not intended to be a rip off," Trapp said."We ordered 16 ounce cups and 20 ounce cups, unfortunately, the volume of the 20 ounce fits into the 16 ounce. We didn't know that."

Gwen Gibbs and Heath Forsey, the folks featured in the YouTube video, said they are happy with the CenturyLink's response.

"I just wanted a change and to make them realize they're kind of ripping people off," Gibbs said. "I'm really happy with the change and how fast they put it in place."

"They fixed it," Forsey said. "I'm not out to cause any problems or anything. (It's) kinda funny."

Here's CenturyLink's full statement:

"It was recently brought to our attention that the amount of beer that fits in our large (20-oz) cups also fits in our regular (16-oz) cups," Eric Trapp, president said. "The differentiation in the size of the two cups is too small."

"To correct that problem, we're purchasing new cups for the large beers that will hold 24 ounces, instead of 20, for the remainder of this season to provide better value to our fans. As we do every offseason, we'll evaluate our entire concessions menu for next season over the summer."