Family recounts life after crash caused by frosted windshield 7 years later

BOISE, Idaho (KBOI) -- Nearly seven years after a crash that put Cody Barden in a coma and under the knife for brain surgery, his day-to-day life still brings struggles.

Barden was hit by another driver who failed to scrape their entire windshield of frost. Since then, he has started having seizures that ended up limiting his ability to hold a job...but to him, that isn't the worst part.

"Memory is one of the things that I struggle with every day. With my memory makes me forget everything all the time. And it kind of holds me back," Barden said.

He doesn't remember the crash; he says his life was paused at that moment. On the other hand, his mom and brother do remember that tragic day. They remember the problem and have continually tried to stop it from happening again.

"Me and Brandon absolutely would not let anyone that we knew leave anywhere, even for a block down the road without scraping them," said Angel Phillips, Barden's mother.

They know how much impact a small ice-scraper could have had on their family, as well as the families involved in the most recent crash that sent two boys to the hospital.

For the parents, Angel has this message:

"Hang in there. I know it's going to be a bumpy ride, but it's going to be worth it. Everything will be OK," Phillips said.

For the two boys recovering from the crash, Braden has this message:

"It's kind of difficult to, you know, go back from where you were with some injuries on your head, you know, but look past this," Barden said. "This is only a challenge. Challenges make you a bit stronger."
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