Family of missing plane may hire flight crew

BOISE,Idaho (KBOI) - Brad Nortons been searching for his five missing family members for the past two days in the mountains near Yellow Pine after the plane went missing Sunday. He says he was deflated when he climbed to the top of one ridge and saw more steep cliffs as far as he could see.

"Nothing new, no we haven't found any new indication to where they may be. The search in the perimeter that had been originally established had been searched over very thoroughly and very well by all those who participated," Norton said.

Norton says that after five days of searching it has worn on the family. "It starts pulling at your heart strings and making it a little more difficult to keep it together and keep it composed," Norton said.

Now the family plans on finding a way to hire their own flight crew to keep the search going. They say it's all they can do with their family still out there. We're starting to get to a point now, were starting to think of what we need to do as a family to organize our own personal search," Norton said.