Fake snake slithers its way into Garden City neighborhood

GARDEN CITY, Idaho (KBOI) - In a quiet Garden City neighborhood off Riverside Drive, there's something amiss. Take a stroll down a community nature path and you find yourself surrounded by nature. There are water birds and beavers as you might expect, but there's something else here lurking about. It's a giant snake.

"So I looked out there off in the distance and I thought I saw a boa constrictor snake. You can see it's still out there," said Bill Ritter of Garden City.

Ritter is a board member of the home owner's association. He went to the nature trail the other day to clear debris out of a stream connecting two ponds. That's when he spotted what appeared to be a large snake.

"I ran to get my grandson. I just live a couple of houses up and he came down and said it's a pillow. I said no it's a snake! I don't know if it's dead and floating or it's stuffed and plastic or what. He didn't think too much of my story," chuckled Ritter.

It appears to be an inflatable snake. Nobody knows where it came from, but Ritter has a good idea why it's here.

"Somebody put it in as a deterrent to the geese. They eat up people's grass and sit on the roofs and squawk. They're quite a nuisance. Maybe it was on somebody's lawn or maybe they put it in the water but it hasn't moved in at least 3 days now. But I don't think it scares the geese (laughter)," Ritter said.