Fake rental properties on the market

BOISE, Idaho (KBOI) - The Ada County Tax Assessor is putting out a warning about fake rental properties. He says people posing as the homeowner are putting houses up for rent that they don't own.

The County Assessor says the scheme starts with a name of a homeowner who is selling their house online. The person behind the scheme then takes that homeowner's name and advertises to rent the same house on another web site. They don't want to show the house but say they decided to rent it out. Then you'll hear a good sales job. "I am out of town right now, I am not available to show you the property, you can take a look at it but we can't let you in," Tax Assessor Bob McQuade said.

The Tax Assessor says the person does everything online without you getting to see the property. Even getting your deposit money. "Everything appeared to be legitimate because the people who are doing this they're using the owners name as part of the email address," McQuade said.

McQuade says you should always walk through a property and do things face to face when renting. And there are other signs to look for. The Assessor said, "Typical scams, the grammar is poor. The spelling is poor, it just doesn't make a lot of sense. And if you look at these letters that's exactly what they look like. Pretty bush league. I hope no one is falling for it so far."