Facebook page targets Borah High School 'student' confessions

BOISE, Idaho (KBOI) -- The Facebook page calls itself Lion Confessions.

It's peppered with profanities, racy innuendo, and unprovable claims about life at Borah High School.

One poster alleges to having sex with teachers at the school. Another claims to have brought a gun to school.

The posts are anonymous and computer expert Bob Minton says it's more difficult than you might think to track down anonymous posters and rogue websites if the decide to operate secretly.

"If somebody really wants to hide their tracks online, they can do it," said Minton. "It's basically using the same techniques that some of the hacker groups use. Websites can even be hosted overseas, in some other part of the world, which makes it very hard to track that information down."

Borah High School and the Boise School District are in no way connected to this website. In fact, school district officials say they're working with the website's administrator to have it removed.

Confession is good for the soul, they say, and an internet search shows there are many so-called "confessional" websites where people can fess up to almost anything.

But with the easy access and the anonymous nature of the postings, the accuracy of the confession is questionable.