Experts warn of ISIS attack on US power grid

BOISE, Idaho (KBOI) -- A congressional review found the US electric grid is already under continuous cyber assault.

But, now Dr. Peter Pry, a former CIA officer and head of the task force on National and Homeland Security, says the grid faces an "imminent" attack by ISIS, the increasingly powerful Mideast terror group.

And Pry says ISIS wouldn't even have to come into the United States. He says the wealthy terrorists could hire gangs in Mexico, such as the Knights Templar who have already knocked out power in 11 Mexican cities using conventional weapons.

A Congressional commission estimated that within 12 months of a national blackout upward of 90 percent of the American population would die from disease, lack of food and resources, and major societal change."

And what makes the grid so vulnerable is that it's so open and obvious, which experts say makes it ideal for an attack.

Robin Rice, Idaho Power corporate security manager, released the following statement:

"We continually assess, improve and update our network to protect our systems from potential threats. Grid security is a collaborative effort between electric utilities and governmental agencies.

As part of its obligation to serve the public, Idaho Power has always made reliability a priority. This is done in part through: mandatory reliability standards and guidelines, including both cyber and physical security measures; a focus by utilities on preparation, threat identification, prevention, response and recovery efforts; and through industry and government spare equipment programs."
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