Experts give advise on how to cope with major tragedy

BOISE, Idaho (KBOI) - After major tragedies in Boston and Texas in less than a week some people not involved may be feeling a range of emotions because of it.

Counselors note that's very normal to feel sad, anxious, or even angry. Experts say in those types of situations it's best to give yourself space and give yourself a chance to let your feelings out. They also encourage people to cope using positive things like family, friends, or even doing a hobby you like. Counselors encourage people to not go for what they call negative coping mechanisms like alcohol or drugs.

While these feelings are normal if they go on too long it could present a problem. Counselor Matt Morrissette, Boise, said when those feelings drag on for more than a few months or starting interfering with your daily life. That's when people should seek help from a professional councilor.