Employees at Correctional Industries claim they were shortchanged

BOISE, Idaho (KBOI) - Sales associates for Idaho Correctional Industries claim they weren't paid full commissions for their work. Now they are looking for answers and want an investigation into the matter.

CI is technically under the Idaho Department of Corrections, and they share an HR department. They are responsible for selling items made by prison labor in the state.

Barbara Cravens was a sales associate who retired from CI in December of 2013. She claims that on several occasions her commissioner were reduced without reasons given.

Cravens said there was also a cap put on commissions, but claims no one could ever show where it was a policy.

"There was no record there was ever a cap" said Cravens. "It was supposed to be 70 thousand dollars, and no one could make over that."

Several current and former employees claim that they've experienced the same issues.

We did speak with a former manager who didn't want to be identified who told KBOI he was always under the impression caps existed and didn't find out until December of 2013 that there weren't any.

Although he disputes claims about reduced commissions noting that accounts already in house paid less.

IDOC can't comment on the issue because they said it's a personnel matter. Although they told KBOI deputy attorneys from the Attorney General Office, who are stationed at IDOC, are exploring the issue with HR.

Some local representatives are also asking for IDOC to look into the matter.

Cravens said she would like to see a full audit of CI to see if she and other employees weren't paid as they were supposed to be. She said if nothing is none she and other workers might file suit.