Emails to Hailey call for city to cancel Bergdahl celebration

HAILEY, Idaho (KBOI) - Emails sent to Hailey City Hall asked the city not to celebrate Sergeant Bowe Bergadahl as a hero and called him a traitor and a deserter. A lot of the messages talked about remembering the soldiers they said died looking for Bergdahl while the rest of Hailey will celebrate.

One email reads, 'I've an idea....send an invitation to the families of the six honorable soldiers killed trying to find him on his 'walk a bout'.

Another email pointed out that with all the people claiming to be in Bergdahl's unit in the Army, there would be 4,000 soldiers in one camp at the same time in Afghanistan. From all the emails only three or four were positive.

This one from Charlynn in Stockton, California, said, "I just wanted to express my happiness for the release at long last of your soldier, Bowe Bergdahl. I can only imagine the wonderful homecoming awaiting him."

Emails even attacked Bergdahl's father calling him a Muslim. Many emails talked about boycotting the town of Hailey, like this email: "According to Bergdahl's father, 'Hailey is just like Afghanistan.' Congratulations, you made my list of places to avoid in America."

The majority of the emails were from veterans. Some sympathized with the parents and asked the city to keep the celebration low key. While the mayor has asked people to hold their judgment, emails say that the Pentagon has judged him as a deserter.

"I also am a huge supporter of President Obama, but, in my opinion, he made a big mistake trading the 5 thugs and terrorists for this deserter," stated another email.

And one of the many just said go for it.

"Don't let the nut jobs spoil your celebration, have it anyway."

One email said that they saw a report that the June 28th celebration was cancelled. KBOI 2NEWS found no reports about that email being true.