Election 2016: Evan McMullin campaigns in Boise

Independent presidential candidate Evan McMullin was greeted by a standing ovation as he took the stage of Boise High Schools auditorium on Saturday. (KBOI photo)

Independent presidential candidate, Evan McMullin, was greeted by a standing ovation as he took the stage of Boise High Schools auditorium on Saturday.

The McMullin-Finn campaign has been enjoying a lot of success in Utah, and they hope to do the same in Idaho. McMullin told KBOI 2News that his campaign has been generating a lot of momentum in the Mountain West and he hopes to increase that throughout the region.

"We're seeing traction here. It's just a matter of trying to get a feel to quantify it,” McMullin said. “We just haven't been able to do that quite yet. But we're optimistic about what's been happening here in Idaho."

The McMullin-Finn platform is working toward ‘a new conservative movement.’ A platform that he says is about equality and support.

“The Republican Party, at least with Donald Trump leading it, doesn’t really reflect the values of conservatives,” he said.

Despite joining the 2016 election just three months ago, the McMullin-Finn campaign has gained immense popularity among voters in traditionally red states.

The third-party candidate is surging in Utah—where he is tied or leading both Trump and Clinton, according to polls.

But Donald Trump’s recent slip in states like Utah might not be a good thing for McMullin’s campaign strategy.

“We had a strategy to block Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump and we could still do that if Donald Trump were performing better in the election,” McMullin said. “But if he’s going to lose by such a large margin to Hillary then it doesn’t matter what we do or if people vote for us... Hillary Clinton’s going to win.”

McMullin says he actually hopes for a closer race in the few weeks before election day.

"Now I could be wrong, and it could be a very close race…maybe something dramatic will happen and it will be a very close race between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. Well that is what we hope for actually because if that's the case we can block both of them by winning a state or two."

Idaho is one of 11 states that has McMullin-Finn on the ballot—part of the reason he is the first independent presidential candidate to campaign in the Gem State this election cycle.

McMullin needs a closer race between Clinton and Trump in order to block both, but he says if that doesn’t happen in the next few week, he will accept the outcome.

“Yes, I will concede. Do you want to know why? Because I believe in peaceful transitions of power in the United States. That’s one of those things that makes this country great,” he said.