Eagle residents prepare for possible flooding: 'You don't know what will happen'

Eagle residents and Ada County prepare for possible flooding. (KBOI Photo)

Tuesday, the US Army Corps of Engineers is finishing construction on a temporary levee in Eagle.

They're putting in the levee to help prevent high waters from pouring into a gravel pit in the area.

This pit is a big concern - if it fills it could change the course of the river and cause flooding near Eagle Road.

That's something Jim Shepard, who lives off Eagle Road, is worried about.

"My wife calls me paranoid but I say 'hey, you don't know what's going to happen,'" Shepard said.

County leaders are watching the situation in Eagle.

"What we're concerned about is that if it comes through this direction of the gravel pit it will continue to travel west and then it will saturate, flood all of this area, as we move towards Eagle Road," said Kate McGwire, Ada County spokesperson.

If river levels rise and the water does capture the pit, the county hopes they could redirect the water. however they want everyone in the area to be prepared if it flows toward Eagle Road.

Some people, who live in those neighborhoods the county is worried about, are making sure they're prepared for that worst case scenario, including Shepard.

"You don't know what will happen, so I'm being proactive, so I loaded the code red mobile alert so we get the notice, we emptied everything out of our crawl space which is the lowest part of our house and I bought a storage unit up on the bench so we can move things, I downloaded the emergency evacuation checklist," Shepard said.

If you want to sign up for Code Red alerts or download the pre-evacuation checklist click here.