Eagle City council goes round and round on roundabout

EAGLE, Idaho (KBOI) - The Eagle City council voted on putting in a roundabout at old State Street and Eagle Road. It passed 3 - 2 with the mayor making the deciding vote. Ada County Highway District gave the city five plans to choose from.

They asked the mayor of Middleton how their new roundabouts are working near schools. Middleton mayor Darin Taylor said, "It's proven by numerous statistics that it reduces the number of wrecks. It reduces the seriousness of the accidents and that it's very safe for pedestrians."

Middleton can get 600 cars around in 30 minutes and just like Eagle, there were a lot of people against it. "What we found after two years, is the people that said no way we don't want one and we don't like it, they've actually moved over and they said you know what it's not that bad it's not as bad as we thought," said Taylor.

Eagle's mayor says that despite a petition against the roundabout residents wanted it over the other plans. "A number of people were against it, that may be true but there were a lot more people that were for it," Jim Reynolds said.

Bodacious Pig Bbq owner Joel Anderson says they will lose four parking spaces with a roundabout, out of their 20. They'll also take a hit when they tear up the street. "My big concern is how are we going to make it through the construction period, because the road would be demolished for three, four or five, six weeks," Anderson said. "What am I supposed to tell my 35 employees to go take a break for a month or two. It just won't happen."

The Ada County Highway District has the final say on what plan will go in the intersection even though Eagle voted for the roundabout. ACHD commissioners will decide March 26th.