Dusting of snow takes road crews by surprise, more snow coming

BOISE, Idaho (KBOI ) - The dusting of snow Wednesday caught drivers off-guard and made driving difficult during the morning and evening commute. Even road crews who take care of the streets were taken by surprise with the snowfall.

Weather and speed led to several crashes and rollovers Wednesday morning. As of 3 p.m. Wednesday, Ada County Sher winter w winter driving wintasflkjsdf iff's Office reported 53 non-injury crashes and six injury crashes in Ada County since 7:30 a.m.

The National Weather Service said less than half of an inch of snow fell during the day. | Check the forecast

KBOI talked with a towing company at a rollover crash on I-84 in Canyon County who said he wasn't expecting the snow.

"I don't think they were expecting so much, maybe just a little bit," Angel Hernandez said. "It''s not a lot but it's enough to get these roads slick real fast."

Hernandez works for Rick's Body Shop. He said he wasn't planning on a busy morning, but that the snow brought complications on the roads.

"It gets a little hectic when it starts snowing and you've got people trying to rush to work," he said.

The Ada County Highway District said they were prepared for some accumulation overnight in Kuna, but were taken by surprise when the snow moved into the valley.

"We would have like to get out a little heavier if we could have," spokesman Craig Quintana said. "We responded to what we saw out in Kuna, but this after the morning drive-time snow was a little bit of a surprise."

Because of when the snow started falling, ACHD said crews weren't able to put any sand or de-icer on the roads until after the commute was over.

"If we cant get out there ahead of time, you don't want to be out there competing with the traffic trying to get places," Quintana said.

ACHD crews spent Wednesday playing catch up, but say they'll shift their focus to the heavier snow that's expected to move in over the next few days.

"Right now we're trying to do both catch up and put down preventatives," Quintana said. "We want to get the roads prepped so that we don't really have it become a real sloppy mess when we start seeing the inches falling rather than this small accumulation we're getting now."

ACHD said they will be monitoring the roads closely tonight to determine if and when they need to retreat the roads overnight before tomorrow morning's commute.

KBOI also spoke with the Idaho Trasnportation Department Wednesday. The department said they have crews working around the clock and are already prepping sanding and de-icing trucks, as well as plows as other equipment.