Drivers see big delays downtown

BOISE, Idaho (KBOI) - Traffic delays were seen throughout the Treasure Valley all day Saturday.'s Fitness Expo, the Saturday Market, and Boise's IRONMAN combined blocked off several roads and cut down some lanes of traffic.

Areas across the Treasure Valley were affected by road blocks for IRONMAN, but downtown Boise saw the worst traffic issues.

We talked to some people who sat through the traffic, and they told us it took them 30 minutes to an hour just to go a couple of miles downtown.

"This traffic is really crazy," said Bryan Campbell, a driver, "Just trying to drive around, and it took me about 45 minutes just getting four blocks."

IRONMAN coordinators say they know traffic was rough because of the race, but that they didn't get too much flack.

"If you're from this area, I think you're used to dealing with events like this, and this is a great event, and most of the people have been really accommodating," said Dave Bourff, an IRONMAN volunteer.