Dozens rescued in same area along Boise River

BOISE, Idaho (KBOI) - Dozens of people had to be rescued while floating the Boise River this holiday weekend. Crews say a common habit of floaters could be leading to more issues.

Whether it's a raft or a inner tube many floaters like to tie themselves to others in their group so they don't separate.

In doing so they make themselves vulnerable to getting caught in debris. In many cases, rescuers are called to the Park Center and Broadway overpasses where people get stuck on abutments sticking into the river.

Battalion Chief David Cooper with the Boise Fire Department said with so many people used to being on the river, they sometimes forget how dangerous it can be.

"It's not a carnival ride (but) people think it is," Cooper said. "It's a natural river with all of its hazards and tying rafts together is just not a good idea."

Even while our cameras were rolling, several people hit the bridge and others got stuck from being tied together. Fire fighters were able to rescue them -- although some were flipped out of their rafts or boats by the force.

Cooper said there was already one case over the weekend where a woman didn't drown because she was wearing a life jacket and encourages everyone to wear one.