Dozens of animals rescued from Jerome house

BOISE, Idaho (KBOI) - 52 dogs and two cats were recently rescued from a house in Jerome. The animals are now recovering from what officials call a nightmare at the Idaho Humane Society in Boise.

"They were living all indoors. They didn't have access to outdoors so when the sheriff's department there in Jerome entered the house there was feces and urine on every surface. The house was just caving in, literally falling in amongst the dogs so they were all removed here and brought to the shelter this week," says Hannah Parpart, the spokeswoman for the Humane Society.

"So far the dogs are doing ok and the cats are doing ok. They're all being treated at the medical center. A lot of them have skin and eye infections, obviously nails that are long overgrown and psychologically the dogs are going to need a lot of work because they haven't had a lot of human contact," says Parpart.

"We're going to have to get them physically healthy and then we're going to have to get them socialized to a point where we can place them into homes as well and it's going to be an individual basis deciding which types of homes are going to be best for each of the dogs," adds Parpart.

The animals are not looking for homes just yet, but the Humane Society will let us know when they are ready.