Door-to-door mail service might disappear

BOISE, Idaho (KBOI) - Erin Darboven has had door-to-door mail service her entire life until last month. That's when she moved into her new home which includes cluster mail box service.

Cluster boxes are large metal containers which have several key open mailboxes. Darboven said she actually enjoys having it.

"It's more of a central community spot it's a point of engagement for communities," said Darboven. "Where at first I was kind of hesitant about the idea it's kind of turning out to be a little exercise virtually and literally."

The move would save $4.5 billion for the Postal Service. In perspective, the plan to cut all Saturday mail service would only have saved $3 billion. They scrapped that plan earlier this year.

Although some are worried about what it would be for elderly and disabled people who rely on the service.

Others are worried what the sight of cluster boxes would look like in historic housing districts like the North End of Boise. While some say the would miss the face to face iteration with the mail carrier.

A scaled-back version of the plan would get rid of door-to-door service, but only for new housing developments.