Dont shovel that way - shovel this way!

BOISE, Idaho (KBOI) - Snow has arrived in the Treasure Valley and now it's time to shovel those driveways. But bad technique could lead to back injuries.

Chiropractor Robert Thiry says back injuries are common in the winter time. "Probably the most common injury I see is a standard back strain. Where they are using muscles in their back or their core that are weak," Thiry said.

Without the right technique, shoveling your driveway can really be a pain. "The idea mostly is to kind of keep it at an angle, start at the outside edge and kind of work it toward the landscape," said Shane Newcomb, manager of Cutting Edge Lawn Company said.

The do's and don'ts of snow shoveling are simple.

"The biggest mistake is thinking your superman when your trying to lift the snow and you hurt your back," Newcomb said. Also, make sure you have the right shovel, which means a long handle to give your back a break. "Sometimes I see people with just the cheap drug store shovel and those tend to require a lot of use of the back," Thiry said.

But if you do hurt yourself clearing the driveway, rest will get you back in the snow in now time. "If it's just a simple muscle strain, some rest with some ice and potentially some heat, type of home care would be good," Thiry said.

Chiropractor Robert Thiry also says, he sees an increase of about 30 percent more patients this time of year, because of snow related injuries.