Don't get 'burned' with fireworks!

BOISE, Idaho (KBOI) - Red, white and blue stands are now open in the Treasure Valley, and firework season is officially underway. But if you plan on setting off fireworks within the Boise city limits, you'll want to make sure you follow the rules.

With dry weather and the flammable foothills, firefighters say they'll especially have their eyes on fireworks in Boise this summer.

In and around the foothills, all fireworks are forbidden. Within city limits, only some types of fireworks are allowed. They're called 'safe and sane' fireworks. They include things like sparklers, fountains and ground blooms, which don't explode or leave the ground.

In the Boise city limits, stands can only sell 'safe and sane' fireworks.

But just a short trip away, in Canyon County, you can buy more dangerous fireworks like sky lanterns and bottle rockets. They're not legal to set off in Idaho, so you have to sign paperwork saying you'll take them out of state or get a special permit to use them from a fire department.

But firefighters say lots of people break the rules and set illegal fireworks off in-state...especially in Boise.

Boise Deputy Chief Fire Marshall Romeo Gervais says this summer, Boise firefighters and police officers will be watching for rule breakers.

"Fines all the way up to 300 dollars can be enforced with those people," he said.

Those fines are just for using dangerous fireworks. If you use something illegal that sparks a fire, you could get burned for criminal activity.

If you cause a fire with illegal or legal fireworks, you can be held responsible for all damages. So firefighters recommend picking a safe spot away from grass and bushes, like a street or a sidewalk, to set off fireworks. They also recommend keeping a bucket of water nearby so you can stop sparks before they get out of hand.

For Boise Fire Department's complete list of illegal fireworks and safety rules, you can follow this link.