Dog park acts as insurance policy against flash floods

BOISE, Idaho (KBOI) - During periods of flash flooding, a Boise dog park can quickly become a barrier against high water. A set of flood ponds near Fort Boise was built after the fire in 1996 to catch water flowing from the foothills.

Assistant City Engineer Rob Bousfield said three cells are designed to fill with water. One usually contains some water, creating a spot for dogs to swim.

"These facilities were put in after the '96 fire when the risk was very high," Bousfield said. "The condition of the watershed is such that we don't feel like it's a very high risk, partly because these structures are in place."

Boise resident Pat Lung said she and her dog often visit the park.

"The pond gives me a comfortable feeling that things have been done in the past, whether we need it or not," Lung said.

An archery range and a dog park are designed to fill with water during periods of flooding.

"You can't live in a flood area and not expect ever, ever to have a flood," Lung said.

The second pond started to fill in 2006 and 2011.