Does Ranch Club's sign in Garden City go too far?

GARDEN CITY, Idaho (KBOI) -- Garden City's Ranch Club often features witty signs promoting its club and restaurant on the busy Chinden Boulevard.

Featured on the club's Facebook page are numerous signs telling folks to stop by in loose and fun wording.

"This tastes like I'm not coming in tomorrow," one Facebook photo reads.

But it's the club's most recent sign that turned some heads and even have some wondering -- is this legal?

As of Tuesday morning, the club's sign said, "Monday night come get Fu?k up."

As soon as KBOI 2News inquired about the sign, an employee climbed a ladder and took it down. When asked why the employee was taking it down, he said "to put up the lunch special this morning." It's now promoting a pastrami Swiss burger.

We took a photo of the sign and showed it to people around town.

"It's kind of nasty," said Terri Zwingler-Harper, a Boise resident. "I mean, kids go by that. Not setting a good example. I don't know what that place is, but I'd avoid it at all costs."

"That kind of language shouldn't be out so everybody can see," another person told KBOI 2News.

Garden City officials said their sign ordinance has nothing on the books regulating the message content of a sign and said it's a 1st Amendment issue.

"I think everybody's entitled to speak their mind," said Lisa Ashton, a Meridian resident. "(It's) freedom of speech. I can totally see why that would be offensive and I wouldn't go there because of that."

The owner of the Ranch Club said over the phone that the sign must have been put up unintentionally and that someone may have been walking by and changed the letters around.