Does changing car lanes for bike lanes slow fire trucks?

BOISE, Idaho (KBOI) - Last week, the Ada County Highway District announced their plans to turn car lanes to bike lanes in the downtown area. There was a lot of feedback on what commuters wanted to see. Thursday ACHD had an open house were cyclist and drivers were able to add their input to the plans.

ACHD is planning on adding bike lanes to Capitol, Main and Idaho Streets and take away one car lane on those roads. They plan on adding bike lanes with vertical dividers for bikes only. They also want to convert 5th and 6th streets from one way to two way traffic. "Everyone's going to have growing pains, a lot of people probably won't like it but there's good intentions. Right now the motorists win downtown," Celine Acord said.

Cyclists are all for the plan and they say the reason there are so many bikers on the sidewalk now is they don't trust riding on the roads. "It's hard right now because drivers don't want us on the road but we really don't belong on the sidewalks. So there really needs to be a place for us, we need bike lanes," Malori Eckersell said.

While the room was full of cyclists there were very few people who wanted car lanes over bike lanes. One was an officer with a local fire department. He said the plans for the lane changes would make it harder for fire crews to get through downtown traffic making it harder for cars to steer out of the way.

ACHD says they will still be taking suggestions on their web site and you have until March 27th to post.