Documents describe Airmans last days

BOISE, Idaho (KBOI) - 19 year old Kelsey Anderson took her own life in the Air Force after her deployment to Guam. We first talked her parents were looking for answers to what happened to their daughter. Kelsey Andersons parents say the Air Force should have seen the signs but Instead they just put gun in her hands.

It was in June of 2011 when Kelsey Anderson took her life after she had asked to be transferred out of Guam were she was stationed. We first spoke with Kelsey's parents back in June when they first found out what happened leading to their daughter's death. According to documents released by the Air Force, Kelsey had her gun taken away a few months after getting to Guam for only 4 days when there were signs something was wrong.

Her father Chris Anderson says, "She was crying before she went to work. This was all in the report. Her eyes were swollen and her hair was all messed up. And she wasn't put together. This is what really bothers me is that they give her a gun and put her to work anyway."

Documents state that Kelsey may have been so desperate to leave that she said that her mom had cancer and she needed to be closer to her family in north central Idaho in Orofino. According to reports Kelsey's mother says she does not have cancer.

Kelsey's parents tried to get answers for the past 2 years and now are frustrated that no one did anything or tried to take her gun from her or at least told them something was wrong.

"All we want is the air force to do is admit neglect and that they were at fault and they won't do that yet. Because we don't want anybody to have to go through this, nobody should have to go through this," her father said.

Kelsey's coworker's state that she looked sloppy and she avoided contact with them hours before her death. The Air force has yet to comment on the situation.