Do you know how to walk safely? Police say most people don't

BOISE, Idaho (KBOI) - Recent crashes involving pedestrians push Boise Police to start a foot patrol. That means more officers will be out on the street watching intersections. They say through monitoring crosswalks, they've found that usually, when someone's in the wrong, it's not the driver, but the pedestrian.

Police tell KBOI 2News they believe all of the laws regarding walking may not be clear to pedestrians. For example, walkers are breaking the law if they begin to cross the road after the orange hand signal begins flashing.

"When the hand is flashing," explained Corporal Scott McMikle of the Boise Police Department, "You cannot enter into the crosswalk. You've got to wait for the next cycle. Some folks think that means 'Well, I've got some time left.' They see the countdown and believe that they can actually jump across the street."

Walkers KBOI 2News talked to were surprised to hear that.

"I didn't know that," said Brian Finbraatem, "I thought you were just supposed to run at that point!"

Other dangerous things police say they often see pedestrians doing are crossing when the light is red and jaywalking. That's why Corporal McMikle says you'll be seeing a lot more of him on local sidewalks.

"Through personal contact with each of the folks I talk to," McMikle said, "I just remind them that crosswalks are there for their safety, and that they need to use them."

Police say this week, they're just stopping pedestrians and giving them warnings of what they're doing wrong. But after a while, they'll begin giving out tickets.