Dispersing Cooper Court residents costs taxpayers

Cooper Court Protest

BOISE, Idaho (KBOI) -- The Cooper Court clean-up comes at a cost...specifically money coming out of your pocket, according to the city of Boise.

The city is footing the bill for everything: the make-shift resource center, road blocks, and the vouchers meant to help the homeless in their transition.

City leaders call the cost an investment, but some people say more money should be spent on finding a permanent solution, not just a temporary one.

"We should really be trying to figure out work solutions for them and other, better-housing solutions, and stuff like that," said Joy Ehlenfeldt. "So it can be sustainable as opposed to a one-time cash handout."

The ACLU has also protested the situation. They will be holding a community vigil Saturday night in light of the events.

Spokesman Mike Journee says the city hopes to have a more permanent solution nailed down early next year.

We should know sometime next week exactly how much this is costing taxpayers, although, one city employee tells KBOI 2News it could be next to $100,000.