Did the viral GOP governors debate hurt Idaho?

BOISE, Idaho (KBOI) - Social media is a buzz after the Idaho GOP debate which had colorful comments made by two of the candidates. Russ Fulcher claims this was a distraction Gov. otter planned on.

Boise State Political Science Professor John Freemouth said while people did get laughs and will likely move to something else my next week. He said it does make Idaho look bad.

"It does give Idaho kind of a bad reputation," said Freemouth. "I mean I'm sure there are some business interests that are embarrassed by this. Like who wants to go deal with clowns like that in that state."

One person not laughing was GOP candidate Russ Fulcher who in a statement accused Otter of only agreeing to the debate if the two fringe were allowed. As to take attention away from the governor.

"Clearly, the governor wanted to take time away from me and minimize exposure to his failed record as governor," said Fulcher in part of his statement. "Apparently, Governor Otter is content to have Idaho be a laughing stock so long as it improves his chance of winning an election."

Gov. Otter's campaign quickly shot back with a statement of their own.

"A statewide debate that excludes candidates is an exercise in elitism," said Otter. "If some candidates don't meet your personal expectations, don't vote for them. But if they qualify to be on the ballot, they should be able to participate in the process."

Others also worried the debate going viral might also hurt the GOP brand nationwide. Freemouth said he didn't think that would happen because he said people would only be worried about their local candidates.