Dexter the kitty could go home soon

KUNA, Idaho (KBOI) - A kitty somehow managed to survive a bullet through the head Wednesday morning in Kuna.

The Idaho Humane Society says a cat named Dexter had been outdoors for about two hours in the Hayfield subdivision near the corner of N. Ten Mile and W. 4th Street before the owner found the cat on their front walkway bleeding with a severe head injuries.

The cat's owner ,Michael Hodge, who first found Dexter bleeding said he still can't believe something like this could happen.

"I still can't wrap my mind around that this happened," said Hodge. "Somebody targeted my cat to kill it.

Originally Hodge and the veterinarian thought Dexter was bitten by a dog because there were wounds on both sides of his head. X-Rays later showed bullet fragments throughout his head. The cat was shot in the back of the head, missing the cat's cranium by millimeters. The bullet exited his forehead just above his nose.

It's likely they will have to remove the eye.

IHS says it's a miracle Dexter's alive.

"Cats are amazingly resilient animals, and despite this severe and barbaric injury, at this point we are optimistic that Dexter can go on to enjoy life with his owners," said IHS veterinarian, Dr. Tatiana Gephart.

On Thursday, KBOI visited Dexter again and officials tell us the cat is continuing to improve. Vets say he could possibly go home in the next 24 hours, but officials are still unsure about whether the cat will lose the eye.

The Idaho Humane Society is offering a $5,000 reward from the IHS Cruelty Prevention fund to anyone who can provide information that leads to an animal cruelty conviction against the person responsible for this cat's injuries.

Dexter is not the first domestic pet to be a target of violence this year. In January, someone shot Popeye the Pug in southeast Boise. The pug later died and officials have yet to arrest anyone in connection to the shooting.

And in February, someone shot Winnie the dog in Canyon County.

Anyone who has information is urged to call the Idaho Humane Society at 343-3166.