Despite delay, group plans for big gathering at courthouse Friday

BOISE, Idaho (KBOI) - Preparations were already in the works for a big celebration at the Ada County Courthouse Friday morning to celebrate same-sex marriages in Idaho.

The delay has put a snag in those plans, but some people say they're going to show up to the courthouse anyway.

Boise resident Emily Walton planned a celebration through a Facebook group called "Party at the Ada County Courthouse for marriage equality." The group grew, and more than 2,500 people were invited. Walton said more than 450 had replied, saying they'd show up.

Local bakeries, florists, stationery shops and photographers also started offering their support, and their services (some free of charge) to the couples who planned to be married Friday.

While things came unraveled Thursday afternoon, Walton and some of the local businesses told KBOI 2News they still planned to show up to the courthouse, and hoped others would do the same to make a statement.

"I've called it kind of a protest with cake," Walton said. That's kind of is the best way to put it. We have cakes that we want to eat and we have coffee that's been donated, both donated by businesses, so we're going to do that. But we do realize that this will happen in Idaho, it just might not be tomorrow."

While Walton said she is disappointed by the setback, she says its important that people come out to simply show their support Friday morning for the same-sex couples who will have to keep waiting for their chance to get married in Idaho.