Deputy out of the hospital, heads straight for his son's game

BOISE, Idaho -- A Canyon County Sheriff's deputy that was shot just four days ago was released from the hospital on Saturday.

While most people leaving the hospital would want to head home, the first place that the deputy went today was to watch his son play football.

At the request of the deputy KBOI 2 is not releasing his name

He was escorted by a motorcade of police officers from around the area to St. Al's for the championship game.

It was an emotional site for the man, who said that he wasn't sure he could make it after being gunned down. Throughout the season he helped coach the team to the championship.

"I got to coach him this year, and to be able to follow through to be here today to do it. I got to watch my son wrestle and for the first time ever he made a team," the deputy said. "To come so close to not being here for this ... being here means the world. It's a whole new life for me"

As a small token of appreciation from the league the deputy was given the honor of doing the coin toss before the game.

This was an especially moving moment for Sheriff Chris Smith, who for the first time had nearly lost two of his deputies.

"My biggest nightmare is that I will lose an officer in the line of duty and when I got that phone call I was praying things would work out. Thank God they did," Smith said.

The deputy watched as his son's team went on to become champions. The final score was 8 to 6.

The suspect in the shooting is still in the hospital in serious condition after he tried to shoot himself. The other officer involved was shot multiple times as well. He received treatment, but didn't have to stay at the hospital.