Deputies: Oregon man used axe to kill his dogs

EAGLE CREEK, Ore. - A man who said he couldn't afford to take care of his dogs was arrested for killing the animals, according a Clackamas County Sheriff's Office spokesman.

Lt. James Rhodes said the investigation started in November when Japheth Daniel Stalcup, 25, reported that his two family dogs had gone missing.

Stalcup told deputies that he found Buddy and Duke dead about 100 yards from his house, Rhodes said. Both dogs had been killed with an axe.

At first Stalcup said he didn't know who killed the dogs, but as the investigation progressed Stalcup eventually admitted to killing both of the dogs, according to Rhodes.

Investigators said Stalcup admitted that he couldn't afford to care for the dogs and killed them with an axe when he couldn't think of an alternative.

Stalcup was arrested on Wednesday. He faces two counts of aggravated animal abuse and one charge of initiating a false police report.

In November, the Stalcup family did a story with KATU about their slain dogs.

"We are taking this very seriously and I pray that whoever did this has the nerve to come forth and maybe confess," Rose Stalcup said at the time. "Or hopefully someone who does know any information about it will come forward."

Rhodes said if you are a pet owner and feel like you can't care for your animal, contact your local animal shelter or the Oregon Humane Society at (503) 285-7722.