Deputies interview a dozen girls named 'Destiny' to try and find cliff tagger

BOISE, Idaho (KBOI) -- The Ada County Sheriff's Office is still on the hunt for Destiny's date.

In May, someone, perhaps a Treasure Valley student, spray painted "Destiny, Prom?" in the Black Cliffs climbing area outside Boise.

"Whoever did this did a lot of damage aesthetically and culturally," Patrick Orr, spokesman for Ada County Sheriff's Office, said back in May.

Orr told KBOI 2News recently that deputies have been unable to track down the spray-painting suspect.

"Our deputies interviewed over a dozen girls named "Destiny" and checked out other leads but weren't able to track it down," Orr said.

The sheriff's office said now that school's back in session, deputies can continue to pursue the case.

Anyone with information about Destiny, or her date, can call 343-COPS.

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