Deadly crashes go up in summer, police emphasize safety

BOISE, Idaho (KBOI) - After three teens died in a northern Idaho crash, Idaho State Police are reminding drivers to be safe on the roadways. Police say people not wearing seat belts is still a issue.

It's unknown if the three teens killed on Sunday were wearing their seat belts because the truck they were in caught fire after crashing into a tree.

With more people on the road taking summer trips, police say there are just more accidents including those that are fatal. Wearing a seat belt greatly increases your odds of surviving a crash, but troopers are still surprised to see how many don't put them on.

Sergeant Jens Pattis of ISP had a situation when he pulled someone over for a shattered windshield, but that wasn't the strangest part.

"I asked the driver what happened to your windshield what's going on with that," said Sgt.Pattis. "He advised me 'I got into a front end crash and hit my head on the windshield,' however he still wasn't wearing his seat belt."

With the warm weather also comes a lot more summer road trips. With more daylight hours ISP said some people push it. Sleepy driving is also a big problem, and can be dangerous. Troopers suggest if you feel tired stop and rest.