Deadline looming for Health Care Exchange

BOISE, Idaho- On Thursday President Obama announced states now have an extra month to decide what they want to do about the health care exchange.

Idaho Governor Butch Otter has several options to weigh before the new deadline arises.

The first option is to do nothing giving the federal government full control starting in 2014.

The second choice is a partnership where Idaho and the federal government would share duties.

The third option is the state based option which would give Idaho the most control. Lawmakers would have to decide on a plan, the companies and the method of selling the plan.

"My experience dealing with health care issues is that when the state, insurance companies, agents, and people get together we come up with much better solutions then we get from the federal government," said Tom Shores, with Shores Insurance.

However, the state based plan will require more work. Lawmakers would have to set up another agency or non-profit to oversea the plan.

The deadline was originally Friday for states to decide what to do, but will now have until December 14, 2012.