CWI: School didn't have enough time to prepare for guns on campus

NAMPA, Idaho (KBOI) -- On Tuesday, retired law enforcement and anyone with an enhanced concealed carry license will be allowed to carry a gun on Idaho's public college campuses. But a spokeswoman for College of Western Idaho said they don't have their rules for guns on campus in place yet.

"When the law takes effect tomorrow, there won't be any noticeable changes on our campus," said Jennifer Couch, marketing and advancement executive director.

Couch said the college has put together a task force to figure out what changes will be made and said they have ideas of what they want to do to get ready for guns on campus, but the group hasn't met to stamp out the specifics yet. She said the task force isn't meeting until July 15 to figure that out.

"Those recommendations include some of those amendments to some of our policies and procedures to include the exception for the authorized law enforcement officers and those exempt for the new state laws," Couch said.

When asked why the school's plans aren't in place yet, Couch said it's a time issue. She said the college has been working hard since the bill was signed into law in March, but the task force hasn't had time to get it done by July 1.

"They've actually been working since march to determine what our campus needs to do to really make sure what we are incorporating what we need to do here to make sure we have a safe learning environment," Couch said.

Couch said the college notified the students about the new law in March. But many students KBOI spoke with said they were unaware of the change.

"I didn't really know (about the law) until just now," said student Jordan Rhoades.

And other students said they're nervous the task force hasn't put all the rules in place yet.

"(I'm) slightly worried," student Annamaria Lopez said. "But not as worried as if i was in an actual campus like BSU or College of Idaho, where kids are there 24/7 and actually live on campus."

A spokesman for Boise State University said crews are working to put up signs on buildings that allow more than 1,000 people inside. The new law does now allow guns in those large areas.

Couch said CWI doesn't have buildings that large on its campuses, and also said not many students are on campus right now for summer classes.