Cuts continue for Nampa School District, superintendent resigns

NAMPA, Idaho - Another plan to help balance the budget was announced at Tuesday's Nampa School Board meeting.

The Board voted to save money by not filling 15 teaching positions that will be vacated due to retirement or teacher resignment. Board members say this will increase class sizes at some grade levels.

Also cut at the board meeting was Freshman Baseball and Softball.

The controversial item was a plan to cut in half the number of PE teachers, music teachers and counselors in the elementary schools.

Several teachers spoke out against the cuts to those programs. In the end, the board voted not to reduce music, PE and counseling.

The board also voted to study student schedules at the high schools to see if there could be any savings there.

Board member Scott Kido mentioned the possibility of asking for another levy, though no decision was made.

In other news, Interim Superintendent Michaelsen announced his retirement and Nampa Principal Pete Koehler is taking over as interim superintendent.