Cute alert! Zoo Boise welcomes baby red pandas

BOISE, Idaho (KBOI) -- With summer comes two new, adorable faces at Zoo Boise. A spokeswoman at the zoo said they welcomed two new baby red panda cubs on June 6. The zoo said they are the fourth litter of red pandas born there.

The cubs spent a couple of weeks in a den with their mother. The spokeswoman said they will slowly start to show themselves, but will spend most of the time in their den right now. Visitors at the zoo will be able to catch glimpses of them while they're out of the den and exploring.

The cubs were born to parents, Dolly and Winston. Zookeepers said the parents are doing a fantastic job caring for their offspring.

In an emailed statement, a zoo spokeswoman said, "Zoo Boise staff has been giving Dolly as much privacy as possible, to ensure that she does not become stressed and continues to take excellent care of the cubs," Amy Stahl said. "A quick veterinary exam last week found the cubs to be in good health."

The red panda parents were matched as a part of the Red Panda Species Survival Program (SSP).