Customers being denied liquor rebates because they live in Idaho

BOISE, Idaho (KBOI) - Whether it's clothes, food, or even alcohol, consumers will usually go out of their way for a discount.

One viewer thought she was getting a great deal when she says she saw a $12 mail-in-rebate on a bottle of Crown Royal Whiskey.

She filled out the form and sent it in, but six weeks later was sent a post card saying she was denied. The reason listed was that the "product was not purchased in (an) authorized state."

Looking for answers, we called the number listed, but no one from the company responsible for the rebates called us back. We even called Crown Royal customer service.

Employees there not only wouldn't answer our questions, but they refused to give us the phone number of their marketing media contact. They claim it's against their company policy to give it out. We even tried to get answers from the Idaho State Liquor Division, but they too never called us back.

One customer did tell us off camera they received a similar post card, but the issue was later resolved. The company told her it was a mistake in their computer system that put the Idaho liquor dispensary as the address, instead of her residents. The mistake was fixed and she received her money three days later.

Consumers are urged to ready the fine print of a rebate before they buy, and make sure you are eligible for it as a Idaho resident.