Customer: 'If this is all legitimate, give us the numbers'

BOISE, Idaho (KBOI) - Cable One customers say they are becoming frustrated with the lack of answers in the blackout of Turner Broadcasting channels such as CNN, and TBS. Some say they might drop the service because of it.

Jim Linhart of Boise says he has been a cable customer for over two years. He says he and his wife mostly like to watch Turner Classic Movies, and Linhart said it was one of the only reasons he bought a more expensive package.

The blackout of these channels happened on Oct. 1 after the two sides could not come to an agreement on what rates cable one should pay Turner for programming.

Linhart says he pays more than $100 a month for cable and Internet through Cable One. One of the things he says is frustrating is that both sides are pointing fingers at the other, while none are giving specific numbers on how much they pay.

"Cable One, if this is all legitimate, give us the numbers. Tell us how bad it is. What is the 50 percent increase? Why is it not fair for you to pay that amount? Give us the numbers and I will say I agree with you."

Cable One claims Turner is trying to charge nearly 50 percent more of what they currently do. While Turner claims they are just wanting to charge the same rate they do other carriers in our area.