Critics react to overturning of Idaho same-sex marriage ban

BOISE, Idaho (KBOI) - Critics are responding to a federal judge overturning Idaho's ban on same-sex marriage, including Bryan Fischer, who was a pastor in Boise and helped write the state's constitutional amendment in 2006.

Fischer is now better known as a national talk radio host who works for the American Family Association. He immediately took to social media after the ruling to voice his outrage over the decision.

"Well this is just another example of outrageous judicial tyranny," said Fischer during a phone interview with KBOI. "Here we have got another federal judge swinging her gavel like a sledgehammer and pulverizing everything that is in her way."

Fischer said there are other restrictions put on marriage, including people not being able to marry more than one person, so he feels the amendment he helped write is in fact constitutional.

We talked with some residents in Boise who say they aren't against the decision because it involves gay marriage, but because a judge made the final decision.

"There have been amendments made to the state constitutions across the nation, where they have been considered invalidated by one person's decision," said David Perez of Boise.

It's likely that the United States Supreme Court will have the final say on whether or not a ban on same sex marriage is constitutional or not.