Crews work around the clock keeping water from damaging homes

EAGLE, Idaho (KBOI) -- Crews have been working around the clock in Eagle cleaning up water that flooded several yards Wednesday, but said they were able to keep the water from getting in any homes.

Some yards had up to three feet of water, but many residents were thankful for all the help keeping it away from their homes, water pumps and wells. Fire crews, assisted by Ada County deputies and inmates, surrounded homes and wells with sand bags to soak up the water. Crews also pumped the water across the street to a nearby canal.

In the days to come, Eagle firefighters plan on assisting homeowners clear up access water and monitor the area in case of more rain and run-off.

"Right now we're actually trying to assist this homeowner remove water from their backyard in anticipation of more rain coming, that way it's got somewhere to go and hopefully we'll be prepared for the next one," said Deputy Chief Vincent. "All the sandbags are in place, I think we've done everything we can, now it's just monitoring the rain"

Fire Deputy Chief, Jamie Vincent, said rain, warm temperatures and frozen ground led to the mess. Mild temperatures melted snow in the mountains and the run-off flooded several backyards. The water had nowhere to go because the ground was still frozen, not allowing for any absorption.